Project Monarch

It’s no coincidence if you see beautiful Monarch butterflies along the Santa Fe Trail. Girl Scout Troop 3352 has been working relentlessly since June 2016 to make this a reality. The garden is located on the South side of trail West of Santa Monica. It’s full of lush milkweed and other plants that provide nurishment and protection for Monarch butterflies. Fallon Woodhall, a member of Troop 3352, put together an informative website about the garden.

The Troop just found out they received their certification as an official Monarch waystation and plan on having a celebration on September 30 from 9:00 am-10:30 am at the garden. Congratulations Ladies!!!


Photos provided by Troop Leader Kimberly Page Powell

Please visit our Facebook Event Page to RSVP or send us your info if you want to volunteer.