About Us


The Friends of Santa Fe Trail is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for capital improvements, programs and operations related to the Santa Fe Trail, as well as generally supporting and enhancing the trail. The group is committed to preserving the culture of the communities it connects and providing a safe, inviting experience for all users.


In 2008, Monty Watson and Greg Furman founded the Friends of Santa Fe Trail, in an effort to encourage the City of Dallas (“CoD”) to put a trail in East Dallas allowing local neighborhoods to have a path—similar to the popular Katy Trail—for both recreation and alternative transportation. The CoD had been contemplating the current land (which they dubbed the “East Dallas Veloway”) for a trail since 2006, but hadn’t solidified a plan. The FoSFT co-founders, along with some other like-minded board members, helped to turn plan into action.


The first of three phases of the Santa Fe Trail opened in 2009. The first stretch ran from the southern end of Hill Avenue to Glasgow Drive at Randall Park. The second phase opened in 2010 and extended from Randall Park all the way to White Rock Lake. Finally, 2016 saw the third phase open at the southern end of the trail. This last measure extended the trail south from Hill Avenue and included the “T-Intersection” where the trail splits, going east toward Fair Park and west toward Deep Ellum. Currently, the trail spans 4.5 miles from the White Rock Lake trailhead to the end of the trail at Elm Street in Deep Ellum.


The Friends of Santa Fe Trail stands for racial equity and against systemic racism. In seeing recent acts of violence, aggression, discrimination, and racism against minority and marginalized communities, the Friends of Santa Fe Trail feel it is important to be unequivocal in our position that these acts and behaviors have no place in our country, in our community, or on our trail. Making a statement is important, and as an organization, we want to ensure that our work represents our values.

As such, we are committed to actions that encourage equitable access and enjoyment of the Santa Fe Trail for all communities, to diversity on our board and in our committees, and to rebuking any racist or discriminatory acts or behaviors we encounter on the trail, in our board, and with our partners.